ProLon Five-Day Meal Plan Launches in the UK

The Fasting Mimicking Diet is clinically proven to promote healthy aging, cell regeneration, weight loss.

LONDON – May 22, 2017 – Industry-leading nutri-technology company L-Nutra, Inc. today in the United Kingdom launches ProLon, the first five-day Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) scientifically proven and clinically tested to induce the health benefits of periodic fasting. The UK launch was held at The Royal Society of Medicine in London. L-Nutra CEO Joseph Antoun spoke specifically to the benefits of ProLon, the FMD used in the clinical trials  that is now available to the public in both the US and UK. Dr. Valter Longo, director of the Longevity Institute at the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology  presented new research about the benefits of FMD’s. Developed at the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California’s Leonard Davis School of Gerontology in sponsorship by the National Institute for Aging (NIA) and the National Institute of Health (NIH), ProLon harnesses the latest in healthy life extension research in this innovative Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) program. Although water-only fasting can be challenging, it induces significant anti-aging changes, rejuvenation and accelerated body healing. Scientists developed ProLon’s program to mimic these positive effects of fasting while mitigating its side effects by nourishing the body with natural food. The ProLon FMD diet is a five-day-only per month program and does not require alteration to lifestyle during the remaining days of the month. ProLon meals come in five convenient grab-and-go boxes (one for each day) that include proprietary plant-based energy bars, soups, a variety of snacks, drinks, and supplements to support healthy aging, cell regeneration, and fat-driven weight loss. The “fasting with food” program features meals ranging from 770 to 1,100 calories per day and is clinically proven to:

  • help people lose an average of five pounds of fat and 1.2 inches of waist circumference while preserving lean body mass (muscle and bone); and
  • provide the body with healthy, plant-based ingredients (free from any preservatives or chemicals) that provide the body with optimal nourishment including essential vitamins and amino acids, low-protein, low-carbohydrate, and high good fat ingredients to help the body protect and repair itself in a natural way.

“ProLon is the only nutrition plan of its kind, that impacts cells and systems beyond its unique metabolic effects”, says Joseph Antoun MD, CEO of L-Nutra. “We are thrilled to bring this new technology – based on over two decades of research and development – to the UK and hope it increases the Healthspan of its citizens”. ProLon is intended for use by individuals who want to optimize their health and wellbeing, by overweight or obese individuals who want to manage their weight in an easy and healthy way, and by people who have abnormal levels of biomarkers for aging and age-related conditions such as IGF, Cholesterol, C-RP, Insulin resistance and fasting blood glucose. In the UK, it is now available through healthcare providers and at For general info, please visit

About L-Nutra

L-Nutra is a leading nutri-technology company based in Los Angeles, California. It exclusively licenses from USC Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) technologies and develops, markets, and sells them for various indications aimed at increasing healthspan, the healthy part of life. Unlike biological and pharmaceutical drugs, L-Nutra’s natural, plant-based, and effective nutri-technologies mimic and enhance a systemic protectionist and healing effect induced by several consecutive days of fasting. L-Nutra launched on September 21, 2016 the first FMD called ProLon for aging and metabolic health. It is in a phase 2-equivalent trial for chemotherapy-induced side effects and in pre-clinical trials for other chronic diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases.

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